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Teddy in a suit masterpost @ anon

Hi ^-^ Some time i would like to know if you have (or know any site that has) photos of Teddy wearing suit if possible, thanks! ;)

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Any new studio footage of Teddy lately?


As of recently, No! I’m hoping he might return to light w smth about 2NE1 or his cafe

Teddy Park talks about his role in 2NE1’s new album, CRUSH, and gives a deeper insight behind the making of the album.

 YG Entertainment’s producer TEDDY, aged 35, said 2NE1’s 2nd full album CRUSH will be a “long-loved” music.

On the phone interview with Star News on Feb 26, TEDDY sounded confident about 2NE1’s upcoming full album that is to be released at 12 am, which is 0 hour of Feb 27.

He said, “2NE1 has been loved with many songs, but being unable to stray away from those hit songs can hinder them from going further,” and, “So despite the risks, we decided to create a song that will last.”

He added, “There are so many ‘instant’ songs these days, and I and 2NE1’s members and other producers decided to focus on a song that will last.”

When asked the concept of music, he said, “It’s colorful.” “2NE1 was able to showcase electronic, hip-hop, R&B, reggae and more, and the latest one is also a mixture of many. But it doesn’t look messy. It naturally blends all the different kinds of music 2NE1 can take in.”

As this is the first one in many years, the preparation took that much time. He commented, “Out of 10 songs, some were produced in 2 to 3 weeks, while other ones took 2 and a half years.”

The title song “COME BACK HOME” is identical to that of Seotaeji and Boys, a group of which YG’s founder YANG HYUN SUK was a member. “It has a hint of reggae with melody. It’s sentimental.” When asked why it’s named the way it is, he said, “I liked the word HOME more than COME BACK. I realized how good this phrase is.”

TEDDY extolled the producing skills of CL, who will showcase 3 of her own written and composed songs. “There are only 3 in this album, but there are about 20 songs she wrote and composed. She works very quickly and produces good music. She does this despite her young age. She’s very talented. She often shows me her songs, and I can say for sure that she is good at producing and she possesses her very own musical mind.”

When asked how 2NE1 would do with the latest album, his answer was modest. “I often fail to predict correctly. The listeners will judge the album.”

But he looked greatly satisfied that the album encompasses 2NE1’s real talents and their colors. He explained, “You can have your expectations high for each song in the album. We put so much thought into them, so I hope people trust us when they listen to the songs.”

source: http://ygunited.com/2014/02/2ne1s-crush-teddy-park-put-much-thought/

Teddy with YG Family over the years

2NE1 New Album, CRUSH, W Teddy on almost all tracks!

Hello ! Thanks for your blog just saw this tweet from hwangssabu for mingzi birthday Is it Teddy in blue shirt on the picture ? You can find the link in yg ladies 140118 dance for mingzi

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Singer Lee Hyori and 2NE1’s CL met behind closed doors to discuss the collaboration performance that they will showcase on SBS’s Gayo Daejun (annual music festival)



Singer Lee Hyori and 2NE1’s CL met behind closed doors to discuss the collaboration performance that they will showcase on SBS’s Gayo Daejun (annual music festival).

According to related official on SBS on Dec 23, Lee Hyori and CL, who are to make an appearance together for a collaboration performance on SBS’s Gayo Daejun on Dec 29, are devoting their energy on planning the stage. The personnel of SBS said that the “two, apart from talking on the phone, are even holding meetings behind closed doors for the collaboration work.”

Lee Hyori, who is busy spending her honeymoon period in Jeju Island, is going back and forth from Jeju to Seoul for the performance. All eyes from South Korea and abroad are on the two most powerful divas of the South Korean pop music for the upcoming, unprecedented performance.

According to the information released so far, Lee Hyori’s ‘Bad Girls’ and CL’s ‘The Baddest Female’ will be remixed for the collaborative performance, with YG’s main composer Teddy in charge of remaking the songs.image

The most dynamic performance of pop Queen Lee Hyori and powerful CL will be unveiled on the 29th of December on SBS’s Gayo Daejun.


To the anon about the music collaboration

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I'm all well and good with Teddy having a girl. I am actually really really happy for him. But it feels like something isn't quite adding up about this. This is Teddy Park who's family is known of but never seen, he's hid his life for 35 years. Somehow I feel like a six month relationship isn't his point of "let's put it out there" yknow? It just feels like something isn't quite right about that


I’m all for privacy and I respect Teddy’s decision to keep his life and his loved ones out of the media. I am not sure what pushed the relationship to be publicly announced either. Like I said before, I assume it was agreed on by both parties. YGE might have pressured them to make the announcement maybe for publicity or smth, we will never know!

omg i adore your blog <33333 do u have a link of all 1TYM concert videos? thank you.

Hi!! Sorry this is so terribly late

A lot of videos on youtube are broken into parts and most have been deleted. The best I can give you is if you search youtube/dailymotion/youku(chinese site) for 1TYM concert videos. Most will probably be in 240p so not the best quality either =/

Danny1177 (1TYMs Danny’s Instagram): 

Teddy doin what he does best!!! www.soundcloud.com/mastawu new joint tmrw 12pm!!”
Mastawu02 Instagram: Teddy’s cookin sum fire rite now!! Look out for tmrw 12pm www.soundcloud.com/mastawu …”


[AUD] Masta Wu - Come Here!

(A&C: Teddy | L: Masta Wu)